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Australia's BookPal

April 17, 2013
Australia's BookPal
By: Kieran Shaw 
The latest internet craze, a self-publishing for writers of eBooks and paperback books, BookPal. Do you know what the Company can do for you? 
Bookpal was founded by an Amazon #1 bestselling author in 2006 and has now since helped thousands of authors self-publish their books. Their site is wrought with testimonials from a number of authors, each one consistently saying how fantastic the internet site is. However, most authors won't realize exactly what can be achieved using Bookpal.
BookPal is one of the largest self-publishing and eBook publisher, They have several great offers that can help writers advertise, showcase and make profits for every book they are selling.
Just to name a few, the Company provides an awesome marketing serivice. Authors will have the option to choose from the 5 different services (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond). Each packages provides special service that suits the writer's needs.
The Promotional Services Varies from books being featured in the Company's social media sites to creating a unique site based on their book to attract followers. BookPal team works for countless hours to ensure customer satisfaction and to ensure the customer gets a profit out of it.
Bookpal will also issue press releases to the Australian press to help build publicity and strong positive reviews of your book from acclaimed critics. Pretty amazing, right?
BookPal also provide a number of features such as paperback printing. The Company will print a hard copy of your book and distribute it to all major book shops worldwide; offline and online as well. Yes! - you'll get to see your very own work in stores such Amazon Bookstore and Barnes and Noble. 
But not only will they print your book as physical paperback copies, but they uses their Print On Demand system to print off however many books you need! Instead of printing thousands and thousands of books which may not sell, the client can select the number of books to print, even down to 1 book. This is a level of self-publishing control which has never been seen offline or online.
Bookpal also boast a brilliant customer service system tailored to the needs of the client, which is unmatched by any other self publishing company.. They have a selection of different ways to contact customer service, such as telephone and email, and will make sure that the client is totally satisfied in every way before ending the call. The customer services will also take note of any queries you have and answer them to the best of their ability, and sort any and all problems out almost instantaneously.
Over all, The Company (BookPal) is considered one of the best self publishing companies on the net today. This is because of their great services and unrivaled customer service. If you want to make writing a living! choose BookPal.

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April 21, 2013

I hope Bookpal will keep getting better.

I am very glad to know Bookpal is very good at what they do.

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