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BookPal: Meant for Authors

April 24, 2013
BookPal: Meant for Authors

by: Voriko

With the presence of various appealing literary works, many readers participate in the leisure reading of these works without giving much thought to the trouble and sweat seasoned in every single page of a work by the author. Writers save for the most prolific ones have always encountered several setbacks with regards to having their written manuscripts published.This is something that discourages lots who have wonderful concepts and stories to pass on through their written efforts.

This has so far turned down many novice writers the chance to hone their skills at writing and having everyone access them resulting in loss of untapped talent. However the year 2006 marked the first step in curbing this as a new company that would tackle the role of aiding such talents. A comprehensive company underneath the great title of Bookpal was established not only to ease the woes of upcoming writers by publishing their books but will also shape them into worldwide publishers.

Having been started by one of Amazon's own top ranking writer, it is one of the pioneer self publishing industries in Australia. In fact, it was the 1st ever Australian publisher to promote local talent and raise it to globally recognized standards. Recently emerged reports have shone light on this self publishing company giving it the best slot with regards to distribution. This is because Bookpal enjoys the best book distribution network which covers USA, New Zealand, Uk and stretches even to the vast South East Asia. This automatically crowns it as top-quality when compared with any other self publishing company in the entire world. If you're an ardent literary reader and critic, you definitely know how hard it is to a spin a book that hits the red top mark in among the Amazon top sellers. Bookpal has helped uplift quite a good number to accomplish this status. It has published several books which have topped the best seller records.

Not like other self publishing firms, BookPal is not just out to generate profits it has its clientele's interests deep at heart. That is the reason why this book publishing venture is proud of over 20 professional team members distributed over Australia, Uk as well as Asia to look after and provide professional support and advice to its consumers. So instead of a future ,headline-hitting book publish company consider Bookpal as your big brother. It is always there for you. Cushioning you from exploiters and providing you with the moral and motivation to keep you going on to achieve your dreams and see your name in the lights.

Nothing beats the feeling of having your projects being applauded to the many literary readers on publication. Not only your book will be published and make some earnings on books being sold but the works you publish make you live in your readers' lives. The more you write and have it published, the more you immortalize your self. Why don't you let Bookpal make this wish come true for you?
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Sebastien Speranza
May 06, 2013

a great company, well managed and professional event !

Imya Silver
May 05, 2013

it’s everything you need, a successful publishing business! I will definitely be back next year

Alvaro Lindell
April 28, 2013

is a leader company dedicated to shaping the future of publishing, with inspiration, new ideas and solutions

Holger Lückert
April 26, 2013

it is great company of publishing, continues to evolve, with new and traditional forms combining to meet ever-changing demands. i highly recommended it, keep up the good work

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