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Bookpal: The starving authors hope?

April 30, 2013
Bookpal: The starving authors hope?
The starving writer, just like the starving artist, is actually a persona familiar to us all. For a few of us, our connection with the starving writer isn't just familiar, but recognizable, relatable, and an actual indication of ourselves because we ARE that starved being. Starving for some acknowledgement, some return, some identification for our work. Despite investing many years in language classes learning the craft, in spite of draining every last bit of soul into every word or letter, the creation is left abidingly concealed from the world. It's concealed not by option, but simply because traditional publishing firms made it so hard, close to impossible even, for an writer to unveil his / her work to the world. The stories, novels, poems made by the immensely talented thus may forever lay untouched, never being revealed to the world because of the actions of such agencies. 
Traditional agencies demean that author even by not doing anything. The writer, in frustration to show their work around the world, will attempt to do almost anything to get the publishing agencies attention. For far too many, nothing will work because firms only end up looking at approximately one out of 100 authors. To them, authors are cheaper than a dime a dozen. 
Getting the attention of an agency might not be too desirable for an writer with ethics. When signing with an agency, generally they will need the author to surrender the rights of their creative work and will only pay them 10% of the book cover cost. For some agencies, they will raise the price up to $ 20 for a book, the writer, who came up with book with sweat and blood will only get four dollars.
Way back in 2006, BookPal began because of this improper ethics. BookPal was made to give the authority back to the writers. By self publshing thus removing the need for such firms. BookPal then thought that authors are holding back to self publish their books because of the pricey cost. Self publishing is an expensive undertaking around australia. BookPal works with the author and offers same service as the traditional agency without waving the writer's legal rights. Since that time, BookPal assisted writers considering self publishing. Australian authors who joined with BookPal, got access to a worldwide readers this is due to BookPal's large network of distribution. BookPal is proud for not taking advantage of writers for marketing only and not giving back the service. BookPal works with writers to get their book in to the hands of readers globally.
You'll have a peace of mind with BookPal simply because they offer a money back guarantee to deliver what they have promised. Can the traditional publisher provde the same promise? People, let the creative juices flow and let your dreams come true. Join BookPal Now!
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matt n
May 10, 2013

I have an idea for a series of books and I already have most of the content written. I would like to know how difficult it is to get book series published and if Bookpal handles that sort of thing.

May 07, 2013

I think this might be for me. I try and try but it seems like there is no way for a new author to get ahead here in Australia.

May 06, 2013

10% of cover price? That almost makes one want to write e-books exclusively!

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