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Good and bad points of Self Publishing

May 28, 2013
Today, it appears as if more people in the printing industry are enthused about self publishing. This is mainly because increasingly more writers are leaning towards eBook publishing, either to avoid the controls of big publishers or to earn maximum profit from their books without sharing with publishers. All the speaks about this type of publishing have resulted in debates about the benefits and drawbacks. Obviously, this topic has very strong supporters as well as critics. Keep reading to know more.

Good and bad points of Self Publishing

Let’s begin with good points:

· As a self-published author, you'll have complete control over the creative areas of your book, from the cover design to the rates. You don't ever have to compromise on any written content simply to meet the publisher’s commercial interest.

· Your book your rights. you own the rights of the book and may reprint copies anytime.

· Self Publsihed books are made offered to the market considerably faster when compared with conventional publishers.

· You decide on the final selling price and will keep all of the profits without needing to share a small % with the book publisher.

· Thanks to the net, you can make eBooks without having to worry about the cost for advance expenses or each book.

Now for the bad points:

· Self published writers are the ones who shells out cash. Cost for the self publishing company and for marketing promotions as well.

· When compared with what you get from conventional publishing house, the support for editing and proofing you get from a self publishing company is minimal.

· Readers still often buy books which were published by a well-known publishers, there is a possiblity that self published books might not be accepted too well

Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking of doing self publishing in Australia:

· Choose on the technology to use for printing.

· Get estimates to find out the cost for book designs, editing and more.

· Make a choice on the number of copies that you will need. If you're planning to do several thousand, you can opt for the more affordable printing approach. Be aware that the print on demand alternative will allow you to be a lot more economical. This is a primary reason why eBook publishing is extremely popular among self-publishers.

· Picking the best distribution channels.

Now you know the Benefits and drawbacks of self publishing, you ought to be able to make a thought out decision wether to go with self publishing or not.

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