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If you choose BookPal, you'll have no regrets

May 17, 2013
If you choose BookPal, you'll have no regrets

authored by: sellah

An Australian based book publishing company, BookPal has helped countless aspiring authors to accomplish their dreams to get published. They have assisted them to self publish at a really low price.

BookPal brags about their customer support. You will find yourself relaxed while enquiring about the anything about book publishing because their representatives are well trained and will be able to response your issues at ease, they are also friendly.

BookPal has an 11 year practical experience under their belt. They know what the consumers' need and what they go through to even just to start a book. Because of this practical experience they now have the understanding what are the struggles that authors encounter, Bookpal tries to make it simpler for the customers to attain their dreams.

When they publish your book, they make sure that it is available in numerous countries- that means that your book has a larger market and that leads to more sales.They are actually helping you to market your book widely with little expense. Also you are the one to decide the cost of the book after it has been published.

It also provides free or discounted marketing services for larger distribution channel, which leads to more profit for the client.

This company will charge you only the cost of printing and handling your book and no more.

BookPal will not force you to print so many books, with their Print on Demand (POD) it enables clients to order only what they need, this help the author to save money.

Bookpal has lots of offer. Authors will know how to be a published author, how to get more profit through self publishing. How to appeal to more customer by writing well and boost sales.

You will go through the course of marketing and selling your books. You will be doing this while the company is also doing the same for you. You will be taught the various techniques used for marketing. Some of these methods include interviews with successful publishers, where you will learn alot on how to go about it and become successful and also how you can finish your book easily.

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