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Why Authors Are Embracing Bookpal

May 03, 2013
Why Authors Are Embracing Bookpal

Writing takes time. That is a fact. But no matter how long a fresh book takes from concept to construction nothing can continue more than the wait to get it published. And it's not just the unpublished authors who have to wait. Old-fashioned publishing houses are set in their ways and those ways are historic. So what's unique about Bookpal?

Bookpal is an all-round specialists in helping you to get your book where you want it to be, whether in book shops, e-book shops or just on the second rack of a home library, BookPal can make certain that authors don't endure the agonising wait for the kind of recognition their work deserves.

This is not about vanity publishing. With special links to Amazon, Barnes &, Book to name a few, Bookpal let authors the control to market their books globally at the tap of a few mouse buttons.

Bookpal, an Amazon Publisher Partner, has been established since 2006 and in the previous years they've learned that the individuality of the writer is the key to their increasing success as Australia's number 1 self-publishing companies. Taking the time to aid authors make their books look how they picture and handing over creative control to the writer is a huge difference to how old-school publishing houses operate. Why should authors take a cut in what they earn for the book that have taken on a life of its own somewhere in printing a manuscript and getting it published? Bookpal can certainly help avoid this Frankenstein effect by giving back the power to the writer.

If an Author had a book and wished to pass it on to his family, chances are his family will never see the book if it was submitted to a traditional publishing firm. Using BookPal's POD(print on demand) method, this will allow to print small numbers of books, even one piece at a time. Thus, allowing the writer to present his family the book without the need to buy thousands of copies, saving time and money at the same time.

In regular publishing, books are often bought by booksellers on a sale or due to its refund policy. But happens if the sales are not great? and books are returned. This eats into the amount of income that writers will make. Printing on demand when the book is ordered will make sure that writers are able to control this waste of their work and subsequent dip in their income. Couple this with the huge rise of e-readers and Bookpal authors can be certain that their work is not being squandered or torn up for return to the greedy publishing houses.

Breaking into the field of writing is a overwhelming process with risks and problems at every turn but for those with a love for writing the possibility seems worth taking. But why put their selves through it if you have a pain free choice? Bookpal offers new writers the chance for their writing to gain its complete, wonderful potential.
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May 13, 2013

Old-school publishers meet new-school and it looks like new-school Bookpal is going to win.

May 12, 2013

Bookpal has a much faster turn around time to getting the books printed and on the store shelves. That's the main reason I choose them for my publishing.

May 08, 2013

I was unaware that Bookpal was a part of such a big company like Amazon. That makes me feel more comfortable working with them.

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